Memex sketch


  • Garden view where articles appear as plant sprites
  • Lots of filtering options in all views, incl garden
  • Sustainable deployment pipeline that won’t choke on 1000s of articles
  • Convert articles to notes for my own use on the frontend
  • Article contents generally don’t get borked when imported
  • Can run in Jekyll build time
  • Open-sourceable if someone else wants to run it

  • I want to write documents in plaintext or markdown with minimal YAML frontmatter.
  • Only title is required, the rest of the frontmatter is arbitrary
    • Expected but optional terms:
      • tags < could this be “relationships?”
      • alias
      • slug
  • I want to define significant terms on a per-directory basis
  • I want to be able to use backlinks in any document
    • I should be able to define backlink syntax if it differs from a set of standard sytaxes (ie double brackets)
    • Backlinks to documents should accept aliases
    • Backlinks can link to octothorpes
  • I want to be able to create Proxy Documents for octothorpes
    • Local backlinks to a Proxy Document will create document-level octothorpes for the term assigned to the Proxy

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