Hi! Like all of you, we’ve been trying to walk the weird tightrope (slackline?) of hanging out with our beloved friends and trying not to get or give Covid. I thought it would be useful to actually write out our approach so you know where we’re at:

I’d put our level of caution at slightly-higher-than-average.

We have a few friends who’ve been hit really hard by Covid, and out of respect for them I can’t really pretend this is all over.

What’s that mean?

That means:

  • we’re vaxxed and boosted, of course
  • we’ve been going out less than we would normally, and avoiding higher-risk stuff
  • we mask in any semi-crowded to crowded spot
  • we’ve been testing regularly, whether or not we feel sick
  • we’ve been testing before any group event
  • we have tests to share if anyone needs one
  • we have two (kind of expensive) PCR tests available for a super-dooper-need-to-know-now situation
  • we’ve been trying to do more controlled group hangs – either hosting them ourselves, or picking spots that we can have a private or semi-private room
  • we run an airfilter (for what that’s worth) when we have people over
  • if you have special concerns, or would prefer that we mask, we are super willing to accomodate.