email #7.5: summer vacation


<![CDATA[<p>hi there everybody! first off, my apologies for the delay in sending out this email. it has definitely been more than two weeks since the last installment of the grapefruits sometimes art mail! i am guessing a lot of people out there will relate when i say life has been crazy. </p>

the latest chaos agent around here is my upcoming move back to portland, oregon this july, which i am so excited about! however, that means this newsletter is going on a bit of a summer break until things settle down again. when they do (probably early september?), expect links to some super cool writing and art and videos and podcasts and maybe even some original reporting on art stuff in the pacific northwest!? we'll see where things take me. until then please enjoy some summer fun offline, you deserve it : )

i will leave you with big window's latest, NLXCHANGE:

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 5.49.39 PM.png

artist nandi loaf is new to me, but they have been doing cool stuff at cool venues for a bit. maybe i do want to buy a $10 virtual spin on the digital roulette wheel?? or maybe you do. this feels like it's messing with influencer and nft culture, which is great because those things need to be messed with. there is a link to their shopify at the bottom of the page, and it looks like a leap of faith to buy something, but isn't that always the case? downloadable essay by parker and ellis von sternberg. CAUTION: first video has light strobing effects

i'll be back! have a great summer everyone : )

- martha

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